Customer Service

Located in central London, we offer the right people, in the right place at the right time. And with more reference sites than any other cleaning provider in London, we are outshining all others.

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Doing the ordinary exceptionally well.

We believe that when cleaning is done well – really well – by people who care not just about the surface polish but our deep down service delivery, standards and sustainability the difference shines through.

We have the expertise to enhance our customers’ business performance and brand. We don’t just provide a functional list of options. We offer intelligent solutions based on service, cost and efficiency to mitigate risk, respond to challenges and protect their brands. But before we propose anything we think hard: considering and questioning everything. Understanding the true effects any action may have on our customer’s business performance, brand and reputation.

Our London-centric management team allows us to be with our customers in a matter of minutes. This means we’re there for when needed and always available to drop in when things are going well too. And backed by years of industry knowledge, service expertise and city experience ensures our services meet and exceed customers’ expectations: we embrace new technologies to provide more efficient, more innovative and more sustainable solutions to meet the precise needs of each and every customer. Supported by our constant drive for improvement means our customers always receive the best service, by the right people through the most efficient processes.

Enhancing our customers working environments as well as their efficiency, health, wellbeing and environmental footprint; our exceptional service solutions are about more than just cleaning – just ask our customers.